Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

A sneak peek at what I'm currently working on.

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Various Projects

Various Projects

A page or two from a variety of projects.

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Comic Covers

First impressions are important! A collection of covers that I have colored.

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Amazing World of Gumball

My OGN work with Boom!

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Kid Sherlock

Kid Sherlock

The game is afoot!

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Short Order Crooks

Short Order Crooks

A five issue comic about cooking, crime, food carts and bad decisions.

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Silent Knight

Silent Knight

Don't get on the naughty list.

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Practice Pages

Practice Pages

Sometimes it's fun to grab a black and white image from some of comic's great artists and put my spin on the colors.

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Pinups and sketches

Pin-Ups and Sketches

An assortment of sketches, pin-ups, & colorist jams, from projects or just for fun.

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About Me

I am a comic colorist and visual artist living in a multi-generational household in beautiful Portland, Oregon. As a painter and former graphic designer, I bring a unique style and sense of color to comics. I enjoy working across many different art styles, as it allows me to learn and grow with each new project. There hasn’t been a genre that I haven’t loved to tackle, because each new setting brings with it exciting problems to solve and techniques to explore.




The Griever - Colorist
Artist: Jacob Edgar

Comic for Pure Storage Event - Colorist
Artist: Sean Gregory Miller

A Wave Blue World's Embodied Anthology - Colorist
Artist: Ned Barnett

Mind Over Matter - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Tony Patrick/Aaron Tucker

Side Eye - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Tony Patrick/Aaron Tucker

Jenny Raygun - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Mario Candelaria/Adam Ferris

Jonathon Stonebinder V. 1 - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Daniel J. Krug/Russell Brown

Stuck on Neptune - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Mario Candelaria/Massimo Sabadin

Tomb of the White Horse #1 - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Ian Mondrick/Benjamin Æ Filby. A Kickstarter Success!

FairLady - Colorist (partial issue assist with Marissa Louise)
Writer/Artist: Brian Schirmer/Claudia Balboni

"The Rider": Dead Beats Anthology - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Tony Patrick/Christopher Peterson. From A Wave Blue World.

Amazing World of Gumball OGN "The Storm" - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Kiernan Sjursen-Lien/Shadia Amin. Out August 2019 through Boom! Studios.

Silent Knight Volume 1 - Colorist
Writer/Artist: George O'Connor/Dafu Yu.

"My Name Is": The Good Fight Anthology - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Mario Candelaria/Serg Acuna.

Amazing World of Gumball OGN "Midsummer Nightmare" - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Meg Brennan/Jenna Ayoub.

"Derelict" - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Courtney Brooke Davis/Nichole Robinson.

"Green Light": Cosmic Love Anthology - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Mario Candelaria/Adam Ferris. Available through Red Stylo Press

Short Order Crooks #1-5 - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Christopher Sebela/George Kambadais. From Two Headed Press - a Kickstarter success!

Kid Sherlock #1-4 - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Justin Phillips/Sean Gregory Miller. Published by Action Lab.

"Stomp Edo": Kaiju Gods Anthology - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Eric Palecki/Adam Ferris.

"Cashin' In": Kayfabe Anthology II - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Mario Candelaria/Luke Marrone.

"Team Spirit": Loved & Lost Anthology - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Tyler Chin-Tanner/Robert Ryan. Available through A Wave Blue World.

Baroque Pop Anthology (two pin-ups) - Colorist
Artists: Fabian Lelay/Adam Ferris. Available through Red Stylo Press.

The Stray Variant Cover - Colorist
Artist: Sean Gregory Miller. For Action Lab.

Curiosity Shop - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Brad Gischia. Published by DimThroat Comics.

High Sarah Corps - Colorist (greyscale washes)
Writer/Artist: David Vieira. Available on Comixology.

The San Diego Conquest - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Mario Candelaria/Rob Alan

The Original - Color Assists (greyscale washes)
Writer/Artist: Sean Gregory Miller

Comare - Colorist
Writer/Artist: Mario Candelaria/Ashley St. Lawrence

Watch Your Back - Colorist
10 page short story
Writer/Artist: Matt Lesniewski

The Quilted Man - Colorist
4 page short story
Writer/Artist: Brad Gischia

Screamland #6 - Colorist
20 page story
Writer: Christopher Sebela / Artist: Chris Grine / Letters: Shawn Aldridge

High Crimes - Color Assist (palette adjustment, rendering)
Issues 7-12 + 2014 CBLDF Free Comic Book Day short
Writer & Letters: Christopher Sebela / Artist and Final Colors: Ibrahim Moustafa

Prepped - Colorist
8 page short
Writer: Christopher Kosek / Artist & Letters: Shawn Daley

Bang! Bang! - Colorist
8 page story + cover, part of the Unlawful Good Anthology
Writer: Michael Herman / Artist: Brad Gischia / Letters: Zakk Saam

Unlucky Numbers - Colorist
8 page story, part of the Unlawful Good Anthology
Writer: Chris Murrin / Artist: Leslie Gauthier / Letters: Zakk Saam

Epilogue - Colorist
2 covers
Writer: Mario Candelaria / Artist: Ashley St Lawrence

Obsidian - Colorist
1 cover, part of the Unlawful Good Anthology
Writer: Heather Antos / Artist: Ted Woods

Master Tape - Colorist
Issues 1 & 2
Writer: Harry French / Artist: Amaru Ortiz Martinez / Letters: Colin Bell

NeverEnding - Colorist
Issue 1 & 2
Writer: Stephen Sutherland / Artist: Gary Kelly / Letters: Colin Bell


Have a book you need colored, or a question answered? You can reach me at

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