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    Lesley is a painter living and working in Portland, Oregon.   read more

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September Show at Cup & Saucer

I’m doing the Cup and Saucer Cafe tour this summer! I just put up my paintings at the SE Hawthorne location.


They have nice long walls, and I think the pieces stand out really nicely against the wall color.


This location has picture rails, so I had to climb up and down this giant ladder. I’m not a fan of heights, but this was the sturdiest (and heaviest) ladder I’ve ever used, so it wasn’t too bad! My son was there to help (and take pictures), so that made it easier as well.


If you find yourself in the Hawthorne neighborhood, stop in at Cup & Saucer (3566 SE Hawthorne) and take a look. They’re open 7am-9pm every day.


Free Shipping! My Oh My, What a Wonderful Day.

Hi! I added free shipping to my Etsy store for the remainder of August.
My Etsy storefront is a great place to get my original paintings and unique pendants.

Just use the code SHIPADEEDOODAH. Good through 8/31! Get on that!


Show Extended! Free Shipping! Those Aren’t Related!!

Due to a bit of a scheduling hiccup, my show at Cup And Saucer (3000 NE Killingsworth) has been extended to August 20th. Yay for me! So if you haven’t stopped by to check it out you still have time to do so. Run in and grab a coffee or some lunch sometime! I’ve already made some sales, so get on in before everything disappears.


Also, Society6 is running an artist promotion - FREE SHIPPING! Now through August 10th. Society6 is a print on demand site, so it is a great place to get a reproduction of my work. Originals not in the budget? The painting you want already sold? Go to Society6 and get a print in a variety of sizes. They also add more and more things you can put art on, so if you’ve always wanted my painting on your coffee mug, here is your chance.


Something Beautiful - Broken Mirror/Evening Sky

A quick Something Beautiful for your Sunday afternoon. I saw these images by photographer Bing Wright on tumblr and had to share.


Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Anscochrome), 2012, Archival Inkjet Print, 70-3/4 x 56-5/8 inches


Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Agfacolor), 2012, Archival Inkjet Print, 70-3/4 x 56-5/8 inches


Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (Fuji Superia), 2012, Archival Inkjet Print, 70-3/4 x 56-5/8 inches

You can see the entire series on his site, as well as other really lovely sets of photographs.


July Show - Cup and Saucer Cafe

If you are looking to go out to breakfast or lunch this month, why not go to the Northeast location of Cup and Saucer and check out my paintings while you’re at it?



It being summertime, I had a couple of young helpers with me. It was pretty hot and humid, and the nice folks at Cup and Saucer kept us hydrated with loads of ice water.



My daughter put fresh tape on my tags while my son handed me the hammer and checked to see if the paintings were straight.




He also took most of these pictures. This one of me was his idea, and I’m glad that he took it!


My show will be up through July and probably a few days into August. Cup and Saucer Cafe is at 3000 NE Killingsworth. They are open 8-3 on the weekdays and 8-4 on weekends.

Something Beautiful - Chris Thompson

Artist Chris Thompson is doing some really unique and wonderful things with landscape and form.


I first saw images from his Hidden Landscape series on Pinterest.

Hidden Landscapes is an ongoing exploratory project concerned with deconstructing and rearranging the natural form and texture of the traditional landscape to create compositions both familiar and otherworldly whilst drawing attention to lines and details that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Chris also has a similar series called Astral Planes.

Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, all collages created using collated images from the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.


Pretty neat stuff!

Something Beautiful - Samantha Keely Smith

These luscious paintings by Samantha Keely Smith are so gorgeous!


"Surfacing" oil, oil and varnish on canvas 30 x 48, © Samantha Keely Smith 2014

To get the best look at them go to her website. There you can use the mouse to hover over the pieces and see them in greater detail.


"Invocation", oil and varnish on canvas 64 x 72, © Samantha Keely Smith 2011

Just look at the light on that one. Wow! I wish I could see this in person. The canvases are so big, I can just imagine spending so much time exploring each piece. I encourage you to go take some time and immerse yourself in her work!

Free Shipping!

Hey friends, I decided to run a free shipping coupon for the month of May on my Etsy shop. Get a teacher a gift, your mom a gift, yourself a gift… Whatever floats your boat!

Use the code MAY4FREE. It’s that easy!


Coincidentally, Society6 is running a free shipping promo right now. I don’t control these, so I try to let you know when they do them.

To activate the free shipping, you need to get to my Society6 page through this link:  This promo expires 5/11 at midnight PST.


To recap: free shipping at my Etsy store if you want an original painting, good for the entire month of May. Free shipping at my Society6 shop if you want a print or clock or ipad case or something equally odd, good through 5/11.

May Show at Case Study Coffee

I took a few pictures of my art on the walls of Case Study Coffee (5347 NE Sandy). It will be up through the month of May.



It looks really nice (if I do say so myself). I always seem to hang my art after an artist that does huge, boldly painted canvases. It makes it tough for me to visualize my stuff hanging in the same space, it feels like it is to small and subtle. But after I got going I realized it was going to fit the space nicely!


Case Study on NE Sandy is open 7am-5pm everyday. Please drop by and check it out this month!

“Stars Come Down In You” Process Post

I thought I’d share all the photos I took during the making of my painting “Stars Come Down in You”.

The idea for the piece first made its way into my mind when I heard the song Ghost In You by the Psychedelic Furs. It is a song I love, and I hadn’t heard it in a while. I heard the line stars come down in you and visualized a multitude of stars cascading through the dark.

Soon after that we watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. There is a part in the movie where they are in the belly of a giant monster, and the walls of its stomach were quite beautiful. The painting started to come together a bit in my head.

The final tipping point was watching the first episode of the relaunched tv show Cosmos. The images were so beautiful and it gave me the final push to make something out of the nonsense floating around in my head.


The first thing I did was put some light washes of color down. I was picturing the monster from Percy Jackson, so my intention was to put down some color, block over that color with masking fluid, and then paint darker colors around it.

I didn’t really have a plan for the dot/star pattern. I figured it didn’t matter, if I didn’t like it I could wait for the masking fluid to dry and then peel it off and start again!


After I done with the masking fluid I was ready to paint over the rest of the paper. This painting is 16″x20″, which is a larger size than I usually paint. My sort of “sweet spot” for painting is 11″x14″, but sometimes I just really want to do something bigger! Then I struggle with coverage and wish I had bigger paint brushes and swear off larger paintings for a while. I think the hard part is that I rely on manipulating the wet paint, and if the area I need to cover is too large some parts dry before I can mess with them.


Of course, by “messing with them” I mean slapping down wax paper on the wet paint and letting it dry. The areas where there are some funky shaped chunks of color are spots that have already been wax papered.


I did this for a while - laying down paint, laying down wax paper, letting it dry. After a few sessions I got really impatient, so I decided to just squeeze out paint directly from the tube onto the paper. That got me some results!


Now we are getting somewhere. I dropped some white into the areas that had the heaviest amounts of wet paint, and let them flow around on their own a bit.


Once I was satisfied, I peeled off the masking fluid. The photo below shows a before and after of that step. I was disappointed with how light the paper was underneath the fluid. It almost looked like I hadn’t painted it at all. photo-4

I gently washed some color over the stars. In doing so it picked up some of the paint from the surrounded areas and washed that over the stars as well. With just a little manipulation I ended up with a painting I was really satisfied with.


I’m going to cut a mat today and get it ready for my show at Case Study Coffee next month.

The original is available on Etsy, prints and things at RedBubble and Society6.

If you have any questions about this painting or my process, ask away!